Advice and assistance
The agency’s services is aimed at helping and advising specialists
from other countries ready to start a new life in Russia
Preparation and submission of work permit documents
Application, letter of guarantee, employment contract, the employment contract notice, passport translation, photos
Preparation and submission of documents for the application for a work permit and a corresponding work visa
Preparation of documents for the residence permit
Preparation of documents for the citizenship
Support of the foreigner to the moment of obtaining citizenship
Advice on submitting all necessary notifications for the absence of a precedent of deprivation of residence permit
You choose Russia for life because…
  • The priority of traditional values
  • LGBT propaganda is absent
  • Lack of migration crisis
  • Possession and distribution of narcotic drugs are criminalized
  • High level of school education
  • High level of health care, even in free health facilities
  • Low tax base on income and real estate
  • There is a well-developed public leisure system for children
  • Developed recreational infrastructure
  • High food quality
Discover the path to a new life, move to Russia
Why should you move to Russia?
  • 1
    Russia will provide favorable conditions for work and business development, provided with protective legal and regulatory mechanism
  • 2
    For each foreigner there is a suitable region where he can develop and work
  • 3
    Comfortable tax legislation, favorable period for business for the first three years
  • 4
    Lowest retirement age in Europe, one of the lowest in the world
  • 5
    Migrants become full citizens. Foreign citizens have the same rights as Russians, they are protected by the laws of the Russian Federation, including in the social sphere
  • 6
    Huge country and similar opportunities
Breaking news
During SPIEF-2023 Deputy Minister of Economic Development Dmitry Volvach proposes to introduce incentives and remove restrictions on financial transactions for foreigners who have moved to Russia.
Russian alternative to the green card and removal of bureaucratic obstacles will help foreign residents to move to our country.
Newsweek writes that the harsh climate of Russia scares foreigners less than the loss of all traditional values in the US. The beginning of construction work of "An American village" in which 200 families will settle, will be in the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region in 2024.